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He Looks after Me

Old man asks him, "why do you say, it is about desire ?, you create your own world and your world exists in the one that makes you happy."

Warrior looks at the the night filled with stars and says, I do make my own world and I am willing to walk away from it all if my world starts to rot me from inside.

He looks into the eyes of the wise man and says, I have let others walk over me for long, they have taken my patience as my weakness but I am not one of those, I can tolerate pain and scars because I wish to but I see light of change and I can put it all in the place it belongs.

Old man just looks at him in awe, he didn't expect that warrior will say anything, there was a word in the village that warrior never said anything as he could never speak, some even said that he has been cursed by gods, whatever he used to mumble was an alien dialect and no one in the village could ever understand it.

Warrior goes on to say, I was put on this world alone and I will go alone. I have had my good days and my bad days, I have been blessed by my mighty lord, he gave me more than what I wished for and this world took it all from me and more. The world of mine has been hard, I have fought battles, I have defeated many but I was stabbed by those whom i started to trust for so long. I have been hurt for ages by those who were close to me.

Warrior then goes on to say that he has heard about a saint in east who thinks that change in life starts from within, you start becoming the change that you want to see and when it starts sinking in the change happens.

"I know how my world was, living in agony, living in suffering and most importantly living with guilt" I made the call of changing my world, I wanted that change and I instigated that change. Old man says, but don't you miss your own kind?

Warrior just becomes quiet, he looks at the heavens and says, they are my kind and I know that they will come looking for me one day, they have to as nobody can be left behind. I may have been walking on my own but I know that things will change, they have to change as my lord looks after me, he knows more than anyone what I am going through.....

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