Sunny Nagi

Solutions Architect who likes .NET Framework and Cloud Computing, Amateur Photographer loves his Gadgets and Cars

Alive Again

Yep after almost an year of slumber, I have woken up again. Lots has changed in my life in last 2 years some good changes and some bad ones but like one wise man once said it is never about the destination but it is always about the journey and experiences that you gather along the way.

These days I am working with one the worlds largest IT services company and I get my hands into a number of technological pies :)

Still loving Microsoft Stack but keeping a keen eye on how Cloud and mobility are shaking this world.


Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog. First of all thanks to Joe Stagner for setting up a blog on website.

So here's a brief introduction about me, My name is Harjit Singh Nagi or Sunny Nagi as known be most of my friends. I am a software architect based in Perth Australia (Yep most isolated city in the world). I have been involved with Microsoft development scene since I finished my unit in Visual C++ back in 1997. In 1999 I learned about Visual Basic which just revolutionised the way I started writing applications. Developing applications with Visual Basic became like a piece of cake with all those cool Microsoft features that became standard in my developed applications.

I worked on number of Windows based applications for small to medium enterprises and in year 2001 while completing my Masters degree at Murdoch University I started developing applications for web. During this time I also learned ASP, JSP, Servlets and even IBM WebSphere. I finally settled on .net framework when it was in its second beta release. Since then I have worked on number of projects that used a combination of all Microsoft technologies.

Nowadays I work as software architect for one of the major telecommunication companies in Australia. Outside work I love my cars, my sports and my toys so expect blog entries about new toys that I get to play with.