Sunny Nagi

Solutions Architect who likes .NET Framework and Cloud Computing, Amateur Photographer loves his Gadgets and Cars


Spring is almost here and so are the chirping birds on the branches of trees. The life is blooming everywhere in wild, each morning there’s a hope in the eye and sky looks lot brighter than it has ever looked.

Warrior has also started living in this new world with alien surroundings, he farms a little patch of land and does his hours each day hoping for a reward. His armor and sword is nowhere to be seen, he has become just another man. He has found this transition very painful, he still talks about the various journeys and battles that he’s been on, He is seen talking to himself about his mates who are nowhere in sight, his eyes keep playing the moments that he used to cherish most, all he has now left is just some old sweet memories.

Nights are worst for him, working hard in hot Sun takes toll on his body and when he wants to close his eyes and sleep he lives through the nightmare of living memories – playing over and over each day. Each night passersby see him sitting next to his camp fire, he sits there night after night just gazing at the stars and trying to find answers to what is left in his life. As he sits there with thoughts on his mind an old man walks up to his camp, he asks him “Son, do you have some water that you can offer this poor man ? ”

Warrior collects his thoughts and offers old man whatever is left in the vessel.

Old man drinks the water and thanks him for his generosity, he looks into warriors eyes and asks him, “Son what is bothering you ?”

Warrior just shakes his head and says, “No, there’s nothing wrong”

Old man responds, “Look son, you can fool those who are too occupied with their lives, but not those who look past the barriers and see what lies behind these eyes”

For the first time in a little while someone has actually asked him what is wrong with him, warrior knowing this wipes a tear in his eye and utters “It’s memories – they don’t leave me”

Old man walks up to warrior and puts his hand on warrior’s shoulder, consoles him – “they are good memories and that’s why you are sad, don’t be sad!”

Old man – “You should be happy and think that, it happened – you must be the lucky one to live it and experience them”

“Don’t let your past hold you back, look at what lies around the corner and embrace it with all you have”

"It is all about desire" replied Warrior.


The Beginning

It was starting to drizzle with daylight fading fast, in the distance you could see a tired lone figure walking towards the civilization. As he approached closer in the fading light a glimpse of his face showed scars of battle that he carries, scars that remind him of the painful memories where he has been hurt in the battles of life.

He walks under the lonely tree and decides to remove his armor and put down his sword. Under the tree he sits looking at the fading light of the day, with spark in his eye he looks at the fading sun and reflects on what has been – days of glory and days of agony, loved by many and scarred by some.

He sits there trying to make peace with what he has left – nothing but just bare memories of days gone by. As he starts to close his eyes his whole life flashes in front of him reminding him of how blessed he has been in his journey, a journey that has spanned across decades. Thinking about fallen comrades makes him sad, it hurts him and with tear in his eye he looks at the heavens and utters, “We shall meet again..”